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Though we hear about environmental protection all the time, many people don’t actually know what “going green” is actually comprised of or why corporations and entire industries are beginning to focus on environmental health and protection. There are a number of benefits to companies, individuals and most importantly, our ecosystem, that can be obtained quite easily by taking steps to improve our overall environmental health.

Considering our environment’s current state of degradation, there is no better time than now to start caring about the environment. Because with this realization by Americans, many industries have been inadvertently forced into “going green” in order to adhere to consumer demand and maintain public relations.

Being forced to take environmental protection into account isn’t necessarily a bad thing for companies and individuals alike. In addition to a PR boost, There are a number of advantages in putting an emphasis on green education to be had by companies including cost savings by reducing energy and resource consumption and government tax credits for companies that take initiative in ensuring the health of the environment.

It isn’t always the easiest to change the way a business is run, but understanding the laws and regulations regarding environmental health, as well as the agencies that enforce environmental standards can ensure that things are being run efficiently and up to, or above, national standard.

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Course Title Hours Cost

Certified Environmental Specialist

24.0 $299.00  

Mold Inspector Certification

8.0 $495.00  

Green Infrastructure Guidelines Certification Program

16.0 $420.00  

Green Building Commercial Certification Program

8.0 $250.00  

Green Associate Exam Prep

4.0 $199.00  

RCRA – DOT Refresher

8.0 $150.00  

Residential Green Building Design and Construction Certification Program

4.0 $105.00  

Green Building with Steel: Guidelines for Builders, Trades, and Inspectors

3.0 $105.00  

Green Building with Steel: Framing With Steel Studs

3.0 $105.00  

Green Building with Steel: Light Gauge Metal Components for Framing

2.0 $70.00  

Green Building with Steel: Material Attributes, Applications and LEED Ratings

1.0 $35.00  

Stormwater Management During Construction

8.0 $95.00  

The Clean Air Act

2.0 $45.00  

Green Building: Operations & Maintenance

1.0 $35.00  

Green Building: Building Commissioning

1.0 $35.00  

Green Building: Water Management

1.0 $35.00  

Green Building: Material and Product Selection

1.0 $35.00  

Green Building: Indoor Environment

1.0 $35.00  

For a full list of Environmental Training courses please click below:

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