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Environmental Training Online provides HAZMAT First Responder Training courses for those who may be required to take part in emergency response to accidents involving chemicals and other hazardous materials. The first responder training courses were designed specifically for employees working under conditions that make it possible, or even likely, to come into contact with or come across chemicals or waste.

Because of the possibility of chemical or hazardous material release, employers may require some form of first responder training to ensure that there is someone educated in how to deal with the unfortunate accident dealing with hazardous chemicals, waste or other materials.

Being the most widely used certification for chemical response in the nation, the First Responder Training: Operations Level is commonly suggested, or may be required, on many job sites. At the operations level, the trained first responder will learn how to take proactive measures to minimize the likeliness of a spill and how to handle hazardous materials safely as well as how to assess present risks and hazardous situations and ways to act upon them.

The First Responder: Operations Level course will fulfill OSHA training requirements under 29 CFR 1910.120(q) for initial or annual refresher education requirements.

For the First Responder: Awareness Training course, you will gain an understanding of what “hazardous substances” actually are and how to identify them, the risks and potential reactions associated with hazardous materials in the event of an accident and who to contact if additional help is needed.

The First Responder: Awareness Level course will fulfill OSHA training requirements under 29CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(i) as well as NFPA 472.

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Course Title Hours Cost

First Responder Training: Awareness Level

4.0 $75.00  

First Responder Training: Operations Level

8.0 $150.00  

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