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Residential Green Building Design and Construction Certification Program

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Duration: 4.0 Hour(s)


Green Building is rapidly becoming mainstream, mostly due to increasing environmental concerns, a desire to develop healthier structures and increasing regulation from permitting authorities. This course takes a close look at green building in relation to main aspects of design and construction, including issues dealing with sites, landscaping, foundations, frames, exterior finishes, plumbing, appliances, insulation, ventilation, windows, finishes, and flooring.

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Course Objective:

This course is particularly valuable to individuals who need an overview of Green Building as it relates to new residential construction. This includes fields such as construction worker or manager, realtor, house inspector, landscape architects, interior designer, HVAC specialist, facility manager, mechanical engineer and civil engineer.

Occupational Outlook:

Green jobs have been growing rapidly in the US. According to a recent report by the Pew Charitable Trust, green jobs have increased by over 9% a year since 2000, compared just 3% for the overall economy. This trend is expected to continue as spending on new green construction and on green renovation is expected to double over the next 5 years. Those whose jobs include building, maintaining or selling residential or commercial properties are well advised to get training on green techniques in order to be prepared for the changes that are coming.

Course Topics:

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Describe Green Building principles and practices
  • Discuss Green Energy Management and Optimization
  • Explain Sustainable Design concepts
  • Implement Green Building Design Principles
  • Describe Green Construction techniques
  • Choose Certification options for both individuals and the organization

This course concludes with information on testing, certification, and accreditation, including a look at the LEED program and the NAHB Green Home Certification Program.

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